Using Thread involves submitting website URLs for analysis. Arachne Digital has to comply with a website's Terms of Use, and often a website's Terms of Use will state that the content of the site cannot be used without written permission. However, this restriction slows security research and ultimately impedes people trying to protect themselves and their organisations.

If you want the ability to analyse pages from such websites with Thread, please copy and paste the below text into an email and send it to the website owner. Should the website owner contact us and consent to Thread fetching the contents of their site, we'll lift the block.

Dear <name>,

I'm trying to use a tool called Thread ( to analyse information on your website against MITRE ATT&CK®, however your Terms of Use state that your site - <URL blocked by Thread> - cannot be scraped. I ask that you please grant an exception to Thread for the purposes of research.

Thread is a free open source tool built by Arachne Digital to support security professionals. Arachne Digital does aggregate the analysis and offers a paid threat intelligence feed separate from Thread, but no fetched information appears in the separate paid threat intelligence feed. Your information is not sold.

Thread fetches information from websites and outputs a PDF file that lists all the TTPs (tactics, techniques, and procedures) found in the free text on that site. Thread appropriately cites where the information came from and does not reproduce the text from the site other than single sentences against each TTP found, to reference where that TTP was found. Feel free to try out Thread for yourself.

If you allow Thread to fetch the contents of your site, you'll be supporting security research and promoting the useful content on your site, since documents produced by Thread cite the original source. You may even have cyber threat analysts on staff that find Thread useful.

Please email Arachne Digital on contact[at]arachne[dot]digital if you consent to Thread fetching the contents of your website.

<Your sign-off>