Thread is a tool for analysts to map finished reports and articles to MITRE ATT&CK®. If you are running Thread via our Arachne website, your reports will be visible to others. You can view our GitHub repo to download this version of Thread, set it up, and use it locally to ensure all your reports stay only on your machine.

Submitting a Report

On Thread's homepage, enter a web page URL (sorry no PDFs yet) to process it and begin a report based on it. It takes a few minutes to analyse a URL, this is dependent on the amount of text found from the URL. You are advised to periodically check if your submission is still in the queue.

If you see an error in the queue, this means the website did not like us trying to fetch its contents, or something on the site could not be parsed. We will periodically check for these errors and work on improvements to the submission process.

When the URL has been processed and its report is ready, a new card will appear (in the Needs Review column). Each card will have two buttons:

You will also have the option to delete reports that 1. are not in the queue or 2. those in the queue that have an error.

Analysing a Report

Thread's prediction model will try its best to find ATT&CK techniques in the report, but since our current data set is very limited, our models are not 100% accurate, so the tool requires you to review and refine the technique prediction.

When you click on a sentence in the report, you can do the following:

As more data is fed to the tool and is reviewed, any rebuilt models are expected to become more accurate with these predictions.

If you have made changes you are not happy with and cannot undo easily (e.g. deleted a sentence), you can rollback a report via the homepage (found in the In Review column).

Exporting a Report

Once you have reviewed the entire report, Thread’s results can be exported as a PDF by clicking the Export PDF button on the top centre of the page. This will create a PDF containing a raw text version of the report, and a table with the ATT&CK technique and its corresponding sentence. This can be done for all reports out of the queue but those not in the Completed column will be considered draft reports.

Contact Us

You can contact us by emailing us at contact[at]arachne[dot]digital.

If you have found any security issues with Thread, we ask that you please contact us directly (so we can work on it without it being discovered and exploited). We will be transparent about any security issues in our documentation.

If you have found any other bugs with Thread, please feel free to contact us or raise an issue in our GitHub repo.

If you have any questions or comments about Thread, please feel free to contact us via the email address above.